Mob attacks home of Nigerian censor-defying director

NigeriaNairobi/Abuja - A mob has has raided the home of a film director jailed for defying Islamic censors in northern Nigeria, local media reported Monday.

Hamisu Lamido, known as Iyan Tama, is serving a 15-month sentence for releasing a film without the approval of the Kano State Censor's Board.

A mob of over 30 men late last week broke into his home and threatened his wife and children, a family friend told Leadership Nigeria.

Nobody was injured and nothing was stolen in the attack.

Lamido was jailed in December, but his lawyers are appealing the sentence.

The film, entitled The Broom, was shot during a six-month ban on film-making imposed by Islamic authorities. It contains singing and dancing, which is banned by censors.

Censors introduced the ban following the circulation of a mobile phone video of a popular actress having sex.

Islamic authorities also accuse filmmakers of aping Bollywood movies instead of portraying Hausa culture. (dpa)