Mizoram gears up for Assembly polls

Mizoram gears up for Assembly pollsKanmun (Mizoram)/Kanchanpur (Tripura), Nov. 26 : Mizoram, which is due to undergo Assembly elections for 40 seats just a few days from now, is not witnessing any posters, election rallies or road shows or campaigning through high-decible loudspeakers roaming all around the State.

Unlike other poll-bound States, there is no big hoopla about elections in any Mizo village. The skyline is rarely broken by big flex, poster or other publicity materials of candidates.

In Mizroam, where education level is quite high, people are steadily adapting a distinct approach to elections and thus the elections are turning a different experience altogether here.

"Flags of political parties are not used much this time. People from Mizoram do not support the use of flags for canvassing purposes (during elections)," said J. Lazhmuchhuaka, President of Village Council, Kanmung.

Voting here depends largely on personal contacts and not on high campaigning.

"Flags or any kind of posters are not allowed. In case we put up, we get complaints. It is very peaceful this time though the election is around the corner," said David, a villager.

Mizoram, which has the highest literacy rate in the region, is going for its 40 seats Assembly poll on the second day of coming December month.

The State elections stand apart from other States in the north-east region.

The Mizoram elctions are also fascinating because voters of the state are going to cast their vote from another state.

About 8,000 Reang tribal refugees, sheltered in Tripura’ six camps for the past 11 years following ethnic clashes with the majority Mizos, will vote through postal ballot which shall play a crucial role in the December 2 Assembly polls in Mizoram.

Meanwhile, the Special Observer for Mizoram Election, Debasis Sen visited Tripura to take note of the last minutes preparations of the Reang refugees voting started today. He held a series of meeting with polling officials at Kanchanpur to ensure free and fair election to take place. "The Election Commission of India has taken an important and landmark step by allowing the displaced voters outside the state to vote through postal ballot by making certain postal ballot centers. This has been welcomed by a large portion of the people who are staying there," said Debasis Sen, Special Observer for Mizoram Election.

Debasis Sen also told the media that the decision of the Election Commission of India to make arrangement for casting of votes by the displaced Reang people of Mizoram camped in north Tripura was a historic decision. (ANI)