Ministers from Iraq's neighbouring countries to meet in Amman

Amman - The interior ministers of the countries neighbouring Iraq are due to meet in Amman on Thursday to look into means for helping the Iraqi government restore security.

"The conference takes place amid extremely difficult circumstances experienced by Iraq and the rest of the region," Mokhaimer Abu Jamous, secretary general of the Jordanian Interior Ministry said as he opened a meeting of the conference's preparatory committee.

"We hope the interior ministers' conference will reflect the keenness of Iraq's neighbours on helping it to confront challenges facing the country, particularly in the security field," he added.

Abu Jamous pointed out that the conference would discuss a variety of issues, including means of preventing infiltration through Iraq's borders. Combating crime and terrorism were other topics on the agenda.

The conference is to be attended by ministers from Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt, Turkey and Iran. dpa