Microsoft Store launches in the US with downloadable apps

Microsoft Store launches in the US with downloadable appsIn the midst of the launch of the new Windows Live services, which included the update to Games for Windows Live yesterday, the Microsoft Store officially opened for US businesses.

Previously, the company opened at UK, Germany, and Korea, and both hardware and software would be sold by Microsoft. Furthermore, it also offers the option to purchase software, either as physical media or as a download.

The store would instantly provide many versions of Vista (both full versions and upgrades) and Office and its related components.

The company said, “Users log on with a Windows Live ID, and when a purchase is completed, the receipt includes a product key and a Download File link. While files can be downloaded through the browser, we recommend using the associated download manager. The download manager is only compatible with Internet Explorer versions 6 through 8, and only on Windows operating systems.”

Additionally, the Microsoft store would also sell office products for Mac, but as of now, only in DVD form.

“I'm not going to get all granola on you and try to quote you an exact environmental impact. But think of the savings of gasoline in shipping products, driving back and forth in your car to a retail store, or even the plastic manufactured and used for the CD jewel cases. With everyone getting worried about their carbon footprint, every little bit counts, so why not buy ESD if you can?,” informed Microsoft Senior Program Manager Trevin Chow, who discussed the store in his blog yesterday.

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