Microsoft to show off improvements to its enterprise infrastructure software

Microsoft to show off improvements to its enterprise infrastructure softwareAt its annual TechEd North America conference, software giant Microsoft
is set to show off the enhancements which it has brought aboard most of
its business infrastructure software, with the aim of facilitating the
enterprise users in the deployment of hybrid cloud services that are
capable of allocating resources as required.

The enterprise
infrastructure software improvements to be announced by Microsoft come
nearly a year after the company's roll out of a major revamp of some
platforms, including Windows Server, SQL Server, System Center, and
Visual Studio. Along with releasing the major overhaul, the company had
also introduced new features in its Azure cloud service as well as the
Intune PC- and device-management service.

Terming Microsoft's
forthcoming announcement of the enterprise infrastructure software
improvements as cloud-first engineering, Brad Anderson - VP of Windows
Server and System Center - said that the enhancements made by the
company marks its accelerated speed for adoption of updates and upgrades
to its software offerings, based on its experience in developing the
necessary features and management tools for running Azure.

who will be detailing the new features - including Microsoft's much
touted Hekaton technology - at the New Orleans conference, said: "We are
literally refreshing every one of the on-premises infrastructure
products from Microsoft."