Microsoft’s to release Windows 10 later next month

Much-anticipated Windows 10 operating system would be released on July 29 according to an official statement issued by software major Microsoft.

Microsoft's head of Mobile Joe Belfiore expressed his excitement after the announcement on twitter.

July 29 is the date! Windows 10 for all! Tell friends & family: RESERVE YOUR COPY NOW to get it on day 1!

— joebelfiore (@joebelfiore) June 1, 2015

The company said that customers across 190 countries running Windows 7 or 8.1 can upgrade to the new system for free from July 29.

Users can take advantage of the free upgrade for a year. Once upgraded, the company will continue to update it throughout the lifetime.

Enthusiasts can reserve an upgrade by clicking an icon in their system tray in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Windows 10 could also enable users to manage devices and appliances across their home.

Microsoft said that this will be the last-ever version of the Windows operating system in its known form. There will not be a separate Windows Phone 10 operating system unlike with previous versions.

Windows 10 will be used across all Microsoft devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones as well as the Xbox games console and HoloLens, which is Microsoft's new wireless holographic headset.

People using Windows 10 with a mouse and keyboard will see the new system in a classic desktop mode with a new feature called Continuum. However, will see it transform into touchscreen mode by switching to a tablet or smartphone.