Microsoft, Google team up to Make Internet Searches more Mobile-friendly
Microsoft, Google team up to Make Internet Searches more Mobile-friendly

Technologies companies like Microsoft and Google are rivals, but now they have decided to join hands to improve experience for mobile and handheld device users. According to reports, the Redmond, Washington-headquartered Microsoft and Mountain View, California-headquartered Google have been joining forces to make mobile-friendly web browsing.

According to Microsoft, it is going to launch a new feature for Bing. Bing will make changes in its search algorithm pattern. In addition, it will search and rank mobile-friendly websites better compared to websites with desktop only version.

The move by Bing has arrived about a month after Google announced that it is going to implement the same move on its search engine. The latest move by Bing and Google suggested that the websites that do not have a platform optimized for mobile access could notice a decline in visitors referred by search engine.

As per some reports, a number of websites on Internet are not user friendly. Because of those sites, users have started to rely on alternative websites and on apps. Social networking websites like Facebook have become first choice of the users.

Google has found that in about ten large countries, Google searches are performed more on mobiles than on personal computers. This comes as evidence that the importance of mobiles and tablets has grown far bigger in a user’s life than the one of a personal computer.

The popularity of smartphones allowed companies like Bing and Google to focus on their search engine to insure their users’ better navigating quality. As per the reports, Google will exclude the search page websites that are not mobile-friendly, while Bing will not do such thing. It will inform the user that the website is not mobile-friendly.

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