Microsoft announces Biggest Software Update Yet for Xbox One

There is good news for Xbox One lovers: Microsoft has announced that it is prepping a software update for the console, which will be the biggest software update yet. The upgrade has been inspired by users’ feedback, the company said.

The decision of software update has been taken after reviews and feedback from users. In a statement, the company said, “This year’s November upgrade is a completely re-imagined Xbox One, inspired by your feedback, brings the fastest and most social Xbox experience ever”.

According to the company, users are going to get fastest and most social Xbox experience ever. All they have to do is look for an Xbox Live message with their invitation as it will launch the Xbox Preview Dashboard.

Gamers will notice Home screen looking a bit different as Redmond has made some changes, and the users will now get easier and faster interface to access application and games that they have recently played. The Community section will be another brand new feature, which has been designed to provide more social experience to Xbox One users. They will be able to see what other gamers are doing on Xbox Live. In addition, they can track records of games they follow.

Mike Ybarra, director of program management, said gamers and games were always at the center of everything developers do with Xbox. The New Xbox One Experience will use new Microsoft Windows 10, which will provide a different experience to gamers, Ybarra said.