Michael Bay defends Megan Fox over “dumb-as-a-rock” claims

Michael Bay defends Megan Fox over “dumb-as-a-rock” claimsLondon, Sep 14 : American film producer Michael Bay has had to defend actress Megan Fox from the crew on movie `Transformers' after they branded her "dumb" and "ungracious".

The event had taken place after three unnamed workers posted an open letter supporting Bay, 44, on his official website after Fox, 23, lashed out at him in a recent interview.

Fox had compared the director to Hitler in an interview with Britain's Wonderland magazine, and told how he had "no social skills" and is "hopelessly awkward".

But her comments about Bay did not sit well with some of the crewmembers of `Transformers', and they in turn slammed her on-set behaviour.

They described "the tedious experience of working with the dumb-as-a-rock Megan Fox," and insisted they "had the unbearable time of watching her try to act on set".

They also branded Fox "as ungracious a person as you can fathom," and complained she refused to thank them when they had "to deal with the awful silly Marilyn Monroe tattoo plastered on her arm that we cover up".

But Bay was unimpressed with the letter, and it was removed from his website on September 12 and replaced with a piece from the director himself, defending Fox and insisting her negative comments are part of her "crazy charm".

"I don't condone the crew letter to Megan. And I don't condone Megan's outlandish quotes. But her crazy quips are part of her crazy charm," the Daily Express quoted him as writing.

"The fact of the matter (is) I still love working with her, and I know we still get along. I even expect more crazy quotes from her on Transformers 3," he added. (ANI)