Meet the dumbest crook who nailed himself through YouTube!

London, July 17 : When Andrew Kellett put eighty videos of his criminal antics on YouTube, he did not know his self-boasting could land him in trouble, for the viewers of his clippings also included cops.

And now, this dumbest criminal in UK has got a two-year Asbo, after police and council officials watched his crime clips in the yob’s gallery on the video-sharing website.

This 23-year-old weirdo even bragged that his antics, detailed in more than 30 videos, had got more than 285,000 hits.

In the videos he is seen as a passenger in cars being driven dangerously, out of which one was a stolen vehicle chased by cops.

In one footage his pals are being shown committing offences including blowing up a wheelie bin and a microwave with fireworks. They are even seen trespassing then abusing the landowner, dodging a cab fare, and failing to pay for petrol.

In fact, Kellett also went to the extent of filming himself receiving a suspended sentence during an earlier hearing at Leeds Magistrates’ Court. In a video titled ‘Andy About To Get High’ he is seen taking drugs.

This shaven-headed man, who is a car valet, has 21 convictions for assault, criminal damage and drunkenness.

District Judge Christopher Darnton not only imposed the Asbo, but also banned him from posting internet videos glorifying crime, and cautioned him that if he did not comply with the orders, he may face five years in jail.

“I was putting these clips on the internet to entertain people and give them a giggle about my life. It was a bit like social commentary. People seemed to enjoy it. I had
285,000 hits,” The Sun quoted the lout, of Swarcliffe, Leeds, afterwards.

But he added: “I will not be posting anything else on the internet. I have learned my lesson. I am not Britain’s dumbest criminal, just misunderstood.” (ANI)

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