MCI makes student union mandatory at colleges

Medical Council of IndiaMedical institutes across the country will now compulsorily conduct student union elections on the campus.

The Medical Council of India (MCI) has, for the first time, notified rules for student union election based upon recommendations submitted by Raghvan Committee to the Supreme Court. The committee said ragging episodes were high in institutes where elections were not held.

“The committee had recommended MCI should devise student union elections as this can bring down ragging incidents,” MCI president Dr Ketan Desai, told HT over the telephone.

An MBBS student between the age of 17 to 22 years, a PG student between the age 24 to 25 years and research scholar up to 28 years of age can contest elections.

Each candidate can spend only up to Rs 5,000.

But, apart from age, they need to strictly adhere to other specific rules too. The contestant needs to have at least 75 per cent attendance and should be a regular student without any criminal record or any academic arrears. He or she can not use money/support from any political party neither can loudspeakers or printed posters be used for campaigning.

Money voluntarily donated by students and only handmade posters are allowed. Moreover speech based upon caste or personal vendetta with other contestant can straightaway disqualify a contestant.

Another vital thing is the entire expense of a contestant should not exceed Rs 5,000 and the college has to ensure entire election exercise gets over in 10 days from the date of filing nominations.

Account of all expenses of each contestant will be audited and made public after elections. Violation of any rule makes election null and void.

“Student unions can take up problem of students in a better way with the college management. Each student might not be able to reach management but the union can,” said Dr Devashish Shukla, former president of the president doctors’ association at CSM Medical University of Lucknow.

Two students of this medical institute committed suicide in past two months and both were reportedly suffering with depression.