McCalmans, the Browns will see Overflow Demand for Omaha’s Hotels this spring

The McCalmans and the Browns will see overflow demand for Omaha's hotels this spring, when the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. shareholders will come to the town.

The is because David and Susan McCalman of Papillion, along with their daughter, Susan Brown, and her husband, Nathan, who live in La Vista, wanted to be the first-time hosts for Airbnb.

Airbnb is an online company that helps the out-of-town visitors with the availability of private lodging.

Their main target will be on the out-of-towners of the 40,000-plus shareholders who will hold their annual Berkshire meeting at the CenturyLink Center on May 2.

David McCalman said, "We're testing the waters. If Berkshire weekend goes well, we could do this for the College World Series, too".

Some of the hosts, including Maureen Waldron and New Cassel Retirement Center, have decided to come up with an Omaha-style twist. As a part of the twist, a part of the room rent will go to the charity.

Waldron said that this is a very simple way of raising money for charity. She added that this will bring a change in their routine, as they will get to meet new people.

Warren Buffett, Berkshire's chairman and CEO, has said that so far around 400 people have booked lodging with Airbnb hosts for Berkshire weekend in Omaha. He added that they are expecting more hosts due to the strong demand.

Buffett told The World-Herald that the people who are coming prefer the offers at a very big clip, but right now they have only 80 or 90 offerings and need more listings.

The online listings on Airbnb. com show rates, room photos and other information and put the travelers in touch with hosts.

Airbnb has even offered an essay contest in which the author of best 200-word essay about Omaha and Berkshire will get three nights for four people at Buffett's boyhood home in Omaha's Country Club neighborhood.