Mathura Priests celebrate Holi by walking through fireball

Legislators play Holi in BiharMathura/ New Delhi, Mar 11 : Priests at Prahlad Kund in Phalen village in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura District celebrated Holi on Wednesday by walking through a fireball.

“We have been seeing this fair from a long time. Our ancestors said this fair has been held here for thousands of years. Priests cross the fire like Lord Vishnu’s devotee Prahlad. The Priests worship constantly for five days and bathe in the Ganges,” claimed Radhey Singh, a local.

In Delhi, people from all walks of life sprayed each other with colours.

They also danced to drumbeats and consumed traditional ‘thandai’.

‘Walker’s club’ of Lodhi Garden celebrated Holi with great enthusiasm. People of all faiths participated in it,” said Jaswant Singh Arora, a local.

Foreigners also danced on the occasion and greeted people.

“I would like to wish you a very happy Holi. It’s fantastic and crazy, which is great,” said Prince, a foreigner.

Holi is associated with an uninhibited expression of love and affection.

The festival brings people of all classes and age groups together. They distribute sweets and take out procession. (ANI)