Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller’s marital life unravelled in new biography

Marilyn MonroeLondon, Nov 19 : Late American actress Marilyn Monroe’s married life with late Arthur Miller has been unravelled in a new biography of the American playwright and essayist by Christopher Bigsby.

Miller and Monroe started meeting each other regularly throughout the summer and autumn of 1955, and on the evening of 29 June 1956, they were married in a civil ceremony, the Telegraph reported the biography as stating.

Monroe was schizophrenic, charming and aggressive by turns, wishing to be liked, yet doing everything to alienate those with whom she had worked, and having a miscarriage when Miller was not around had not helped her much.

The actress was always depressed and her mental state was quite shaky, and the only time Miller felt that she was at ease was when they spent the summer of 1957 at their farmhouse at Amagansett, Long Island.

When Monroe became pregnant once again, the couple felt happy and contended, but their peace was shattered when the old wounds they had suffered in England surfaced again, after Monroe had a miscarriage, and she turned to drugs.

Her dependency on drugs grew and so did the tension between them, and Miller found himself unable to help her, and their relationship deteriorated even further.

After overdosing a couple of times and being revived again each time, it was clear Monroe was trying to kill herself, and Miller tried to close the gap between them by writing the script ‘The Misfits’ for her.

A confused, exhausted Miller was full of contradictory emotions and left Monroe, taking up with Inge Morath, the Magnum photographer he met on the set of The Misfits, just a month later.

Monroe was found dead in the early morning of 5 August 1962, with her face down on her bed, an empty bottle of Nembutal tablets beside her. (ANI)