Many borrows concerned over mortgage payments in 2014

Many borrows concerned over mortgage payments in 2014According to a new survey, more than a third of the people who have rented houses or those who have mortage payments, have said that they might face difficulties with payments during the year, 2014.

According to a new survey, a total of about 3,600 people for homelessness charity Shelter showed that those with children are worst affected due to the economic conditions. About 70 per cent of the respondents have said thay are already finding it difficult to keep up with the payments and some are already falling behand schedules.

The survey showed that about one in 11respondents have said that they are concerned that they will not be able to meet their commitments for payments this month.

The survey was conducted by Shelter and YouGov and included 4,085 adults - 3,675 of whom pay rent or mortgage in England, Wales or Scotland - during November of the previoud year.

The respondents were asked about how they were keeping up with their rent or mortgage payments. They were also asked about if they will be able to meet the coming year's payment obligations.

Liz Clare, a helpline adviser at Shelter, said: "We're now seeing a stream of cases of families who've been unable to cope with mounting rent or mortgage bills and feel at breaking point.