Manhattan Pipe Explosion, One Died

New York: A steam pipe exploded in central Manhattan, according to reports. The cause of explosion was the cold water inside the pipeline. One person is killed in the blast, while four others sustained serious injuries. US government officials say it was not a terrorist attack.    

The underground steam pipe was 83 year old, and it exploded during the evening rush hour in the busiest sections of the New York City. Subway service was suspended.
A local worker said, “We heard this vast explosion, the building shook a little bit and small particulars particles of rocks came to our window on the 27th floor.”

One witness explained the spewing steam and debris as tornado rising from the ground.

About 200 firefighters rushed to the scene that was crowded with ambulances and fire engines.

“We have evacuated all the surrounding buildings and right now we are concerned about possible asbestos. We can't confirm if it is asbestos but we are setting up a contamination unit right now,” said Chief Donnelly, fire service.