Mamata Threatens Legal Action Against Ratan Tata

Mamata Threatens Legal Action Against Ratan TataTrinamool Congress chief, Mamata Banerjee has demanded apology from TATA chief Ratan Tata. She criticized him for his derogatory remarks in his letter.

TATA has written an open letter to the people of the state describing circumstances that led to relocation of his dream car project from the state. The letter was published in all leading newspapers of Kolkata. He specifically mentioned the negative role of Trinamool in Singur pull out.

Mamta said that TATA is speaking like a politician. The party would take legal actions against him for his remarks. She dared him to contest elections from the state.

She alleged that he is acting on the behalf of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M). TATA got Rs.200 crore (Rs.2 billion) from the CPI-M to set up the plant where as it has to pay Rs.400 crore to the Gujarat government for setting up a plant.

Senior Trinamool leader, Saugata Roy also condemned TATA for his politically motivated comments in favor of the ruling party of the state. He advised him to act as an industrialist rather than a politician.