Makerbot unveils new Replicator – its next-gen 3D printer

Makerbot unveils new Replicator – its next-gen 3D printerMakerbot has recently taken the wraps off its new `Replicator 2' Desktop 3D Printer, which is the Brooklyn-based company's fourth-generation 3D printer, and has been fully-optimized for MakerBot's great-looking and odorless PLA filament that is derived from corn rather than petroleum.

Unveiling the new Replicator, Bre Prettis - CEO of MakerBot - said that the next-generation printer will be capable of produce professional-quality models; and will offer 100-micron layer resolution, along with a build volume of 410 cubic inches.

Further elucidating that the height of each layer of material will be 2.5 times finer in the Replicator 2 vis-a-vis the original Replicator's layer height, Prettis said that no post-production work or sanding will be required to help the items emerge.

With the volume of the build area of the new Replicator being 37 percent bigger than that of its predecessor, users will be able to save time by placing a complete project with multiple pieces on one single build plate; thus doing away with the need to use extremely expensive equipment.

Available for a price of $2,199 for the base version and $2,799 for a turbocharged version, the Replicator 2 - which does not need any assembly - also includes a software update to facilitate speedier and more consistent printing. The new Replicator printer is now available via the MakerBot website, and also from distributors and the company's new Houston Street flagship store in Manhattan.