Majority don’t want boss on Facebook friends list

Majority don’t want boss on Facebook friends listAccording to a new survey, overwhelming majority of the respondents said that they do not wish to have their bosses on their friends list on social networking site, Facebook.

The survey showed that about 81 per cent of the respondents did not wish to connect to their boss on the social networking platform. The survey by poll site SodaHead and feedback site YouTell also showed that women were more hesitant in adding their bosses to the contact list on the social network than their male counterparts.

The study included a survey of 722 people and it was published in the Huffington Post. The main reason for not adding bosses to friends list is that people do not want their private information that can cause embarrassment, to be known to their bosses. It was known that those aged between 25 and 34 were the most comfortable with befriending their boss.

The survey showed that 55 per cent of the respondents do not have any problem adding their co-workers while 45 per cent believe otherwise. The survey shows that most people do not wish to mingle their private lives with their professional lives.