Major projects to boost SA’s power capacity, Gordhan

Major projects to boost SA’s power capacity, GordhanPravin Gordhan, the Finance Minister of South Africa has said that the government is constructing three new power stations and had also approved projects worth R110-billion from other companies in order to boost power generation in the country.

Gordhan was speaking in the country's parliament after questions were raised over recent power cuts in the country. He said that the country will have adequate electricity supply in two years in the country. However, the claims were contradicted by outgoing Eskom CEO Brian Dames, who said that it will take upto ten years for the country to assure appropriate power supply.

Eskom has asked key industrial customers to reduce their power consumption to tackle shortage.  It declared power emergency on Thursday morning and asked industries to cut power usage by 10 per cent. The company had also asked residential consumers to urgently switch off geysers, pool pumps and all nonessential appliances.

Gordhan says government has been frank about the lower electricity supply and is taking steps to boost supply in the country. He pointed out that new power stations are being built, renewable energy is coming on stream and pending shale gas exploration plans will boost power supply in the country.