Maid posed as burglar to rob Hong Kong boss

Maid posed as burglar to rob Hong Kong bossHong Kong, Dec 2 - An Indonesian maid working in Hong Kong was in custody Wednesday after allegedly posing as a burglar to break into her 79-year-old employer's bedroom.

The 25-year-old woman allegedly put a mask over her face and snatched a gold necklace from her employer at knife-point as she lay in bed, breaking one of her teeth in the struggle.

However, police said her cover was blown when the old woman bit her finger and recognised her maid's voice when the burglar screamed.

The maid, who has worked for the 79-year-old for two years, was arrested Tuesday morning and remained detained on suspicion of robbery and assault.

More than 130,000 Indonesian women work as live-in maids for Hong Kong families, earning a government-set minimum wage of around $460 although many of them work for less. (dpa)