Madhur Bhandarkar Snubbed Again

Madhur Bhandarkar The nominations for the IIFA awards 2009 have just been announced.

And Madhur Bhandarkar is not amused.

Though he has been nominated as best director for Fashion the film has not been nominated for best picture although all the other directors who are nominated are aldo part of the best picture category.

Madhur says he’s used to this snub. “They’ve done this to me before. My films have been denied popular awards right from Chandni Bar. So I’m neither hurt nor amused. I just wonder what it means. If I’m one of the best directors of the year, isn’t my product automatically among the best films? But I’m sure they’ve their own rationale and I’m the last person to question it. Right now I’m too drained out shooting Jail in the heat of Karjat .”

The film is being shot in the sun and members of the unit are suffering for dehydration. “We’ve a doctor on standby throughout the shooting. Anyone can suffer from sunstroke or dehydration any time. And after all this effort Jail too may be snubbed at the popular awards. But I’m not complaining. I’ve the audience and critics with me. And my films get the National award. To me that’s the highest honour. I just hope Neil Nitin Mukesh gets the National award for Jail. The rest will be a bonus.” -Sampurn Media