Madhur Bhandarkar To Release 700 Prints Of Latest Film 'Fashion'

Madhur Bhandarkar To Release 700 Prints Of Latest Film 'Fashion'The past few films directed by Madhur Bhandarkar have undoubtedly left their mark and opened a new era for Indian cinema.

The critically acclaimed and National Award winning director is all set to release his latest much talked about film with an exorbitant 700 prints in India and abroad.

The Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and sizzling new comer Mugdha Godse starrer will release on 29 Oct along with 'Golmaal Returns' and 'EMI'.The competition could get quite stiff but the co-producer of the film Bhandarkar is very confident and states” Fashion has its own audience and two films coming on Diwali is nothing new.

The music of the film is doing very well and so half the battle has been won by the film but nothing can be said till the film hits the theatres.

Quoting Madhur Bhandarkar, “Fashion is turning out to be a big film in all ways. Feedback has been unprecedented and the success of the film's music has further enhanced its visibility. We all are super charged about the prospects of  Fashion and are bringing it at 700 prints which include India as well as Overseas count.”

The charming, hot beauties will definitely create havoc on screen and in turn invite plenty of audience. The director has also won appraisal from Ram Gopal Varma who is expecting a lot from the film acknowledging Madur states "It's nice of him to think that way...........We both recently met and he told me that he is looking forward to Fashion.

Everyone has quite a lot of expectations from Fashion but I am confident that the product has turned out to be good.

Each of the actors has done quite well and I am sure audience's expectations would be met".Well'Best Of Luck’ to all those who are depending on the success of the film.