Lounge culture goes popular in Chandigarh

Lounge culture goes popular in ChandigarhChandigarh, April 20: People fond of liquor can now enjoy their stay in Punjab as a dream destination. Anyone feeling like having a swig of his or her favorite brew, to simply drive down to his favourite Lounge bar in Chandigarh.

Of late, nightlife in Chandigarh has started getting popular.

The nightlife entertainment service providers have introduced theme lounges.

`Rock In Rio’ is Chandigarh’s first music lounge, which offers an innovative, unexplored and a thrilling experience for rock lovers.

This theme-based lounge has provision for people to enjoy food, drinks and a quality music. Besides, it offers a wide range of drinks and loads of snacks.

“Music is something that people of all age groups appreciate. However, what I am trying to target with the soft rock and rocks from the
60’s and 70’s, the people who can relate to it; the ones in 30 and above. They are the ones who want to do clubbing on Saturdays, they are the ones who want to listen jazz or some again some soft rock on Sunday brunch, so that’s my permanent target,” said Atul Grover, owner of the Rock In Rio.

`Rock In Rio’ has come up as a treat for the rock music lovers in the city. Atul says that he is inspired by the Hard Rock café in Mumbai.

Those, looking forward to rock concerts in the city or enjoying this genre of music on music systems, Rock In Rio is the place to visit. Apart from having live rock performances, the lounge also has a library of 40 rock concerts videos including those of Guns n Roses, Korn and Eagles.

“The vibe of the live music going, a drummer playing, percussion, a guitarist, a DJ, what we are trying to do is a very unique thing. Mix hip-hops, psychedelic trance make one flavour and give them a taste of that because that’s what happening everywhere in the world now, why should Chandigarh be left out of it,” said Sahil Sareen, Solo Rock artiste.

Like the music, the menu too is also western. It offers basic Indian dishes, but is heavy on Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.

The ambience helps the visitors’ mood. The lounge’s interiors do deserve a mention, which are swank and contemporary. The walls have been decorated with posters of rock music legends and guitars are hung all over. Not to be missed is the 40 feet long guitar at the entrance to welcome music buffs.

“It’s very nice, very different actually. You are just getting European stuff here. It’s nice. It’s really upcoming and people like it,” said Anjali Thapar, lounge culture enthusiast.

“It’s good that new things are coming in Punjab. Things in Bombay are coming here. Things are changing basically. It’s pretty good. Culture is changing. People are coming out of the houses. It’s great,” said Chanakya Thapar, another enthusiast. (ANI)