Lordstown resumes production of Endurance pickup truck following pause in February 2023

Lordstown resumes production of Endurance pickup truck following pause in February 2023

American electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Lordstown Motors Corporation has confirmed that it has resumed the production and deliveries of the all-electric Endurance pickup truck following a pause in February.

Lordstown started production of the Endurance pickup truck at the Foxconn EV Ohio production facility in the third quarter (Q3) of 2022, and deliveries to pre-order holders commenced in the fourth quarter of (Q4) of the same year. But, some quality issues forced the manufacturer to issue at least two recalls for the EV in a short span of time.

In late February this year, Lordstown announced that it had built merely 31 Endurance vehicles for sale in the U.S. market and recalled 19 of delivered units to fix the quality issues. The company explained that that recall was caused by a high-voltage cable between the vehicle’s inverter and electric motor. The glitch in the system might cause a loss of drive power and the vehicle can’t be restarted once it is turned off.

Near the mid of March, the company announced another recall that affected five of the thirty-one Endurance pickup trucks produced. Yet another recall was caused by the vehicle’s electric parking brake system that might fail due to faulty thrust washers fitted to the calipers.

As per Lordstown’s claims, all those issues have eventually been fixed. The successful fixing of the issues encouraged the company to resume production and deliveries to customers. However, the company stressed that production will continue at a very low pace.

Announcing the recommencement of production, Lordstown said, "Production and deliveries resumed in April 2023 after a pause earlier in the year to address supplier quality issues and are expected to continue at a very low pace.”

At the time of commencement of production of the electric pickup truck last year, Lordstown said it expected to deliver at least 50 units to customers before the end of the year, and at least 450 in the first half (H1) of 2023, of course subject to raising required funds. However, the company could manage to deliver merely three Endurance pickup trucks last year and three in Q1 of this year.

The Lordstown Endurance pickup truck comes equipped with four in-wheel hub motors capable of delivering a combined 550 hp, which is enough to propel the EV from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.3 seconds. For power, the motors rely on a 109-kWh battery that is good enough for a range of 174 miles on single charge.

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