Liverpool’s Benitez says Man U’s Fergie is scared

Liverpool’s Benitez says Man U’s Fergie is scaredLondon, Apr. 8 : Coach Rafa Benitez is of the view that Manchester United's Alex Ferguson is scared of his club Liverpool FC.

The Anfield chief said: "He is worried about us and the challenge Liverpool can make. He likes to talk too much about other teams but I don't think it's mind games - I just think he's a little bit scared."

"I want to concentrate on my games but clearly you can see that Manchester United are not playing well so they are feeling the pressure," The Sun quoted him, as saying.

"I gave my opinion on what he said because he was talking about us - but I'd prefer to talk about the game," he added.

Benitez added: "He will be supporting Liverpool because he knows we are the biggest threat now. If we continue in the competition he will be thinking, `They're tired'. (ANI)