LG Launches LG KS360 & LG KM710 Handsets In India

LG Launches LG KS360 & LG KM710 Handsets In IndiaLG has launched two new handsets namely the LG KS360 and LG KM710 in the Indian market.

The newly launched phones come packed with better connectivity options and a wide range of multimedia features.

Targeting music buffs, the LG KM710 features a 3 megapixel camera along with video recording option with four different color effects and 4x digital zoom. The phone has a double touch sensitive display together with music control keys.

Other exciting features of LG KM710 include 15MB internal memory, expandable memory up to 4GB, Data Wallet, E2EDictionary, USB back up and five embedded games.

The CocktailsMocktails feature enhances the music functions of the phone.

With a 2.4” touch screen dialing, the LG KS360 phone comes bundled with a full slide-out QWERTY keypad. Moreover, it has a 2 megapixel camera with outstanding video recording capabilities.

The various multimedia features of the phone include a MP3 player, MPEG-4 player, FM radio, photo and video editor.

The users can easily send group messaging of upto 100 contacts in English and Hindi languages through LG KS360.

Other features of the phone include 14MB internal memory, 2GB micro SD card slot, 2.4” touch screen dialing, Yahoo search, NDTV active, document viewer and Mobile Tracker.

LG has confirmed at Mobile World Congress (MWC) that the KS360, first announced last July, will be the first mobile phone it releases running Google's Android OS.

While the LG KM710 is available for Rs 12,500, the LG KS360 retails at Rs 11,500.

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