LG Electronics aims to sell 1 million monitors during current fiscal

LG Electronics aims to sell 1 million monitors during current fiscalLG Electronics, a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, is looking at selling one million monitors during this fiscal. 
The company is targeting to sell one million monitors (both CRT and LCD) in 2008-09, of which 6.5 lakh are in the LCD space and 3.5 lakh will be CRT monitors.

LG Electronics, a major player in the global flat panel display, has recently entered into the B2B space for corporate and enterprise customers to increase sales. 

According to latest reports, it has revealed that volumes of the monitors have gone up since, the company entered into the B2B space. At the moment, up to 15% of the total monitor revenue is coming from the B2B segment. The company is aiming to have 40% of the monitor revenue from this space during the current fiscal.

In addition, the company also plans to start manufacturing of monitors in its Pune factory, from this month. 

At present all company’s monitors are made at the Greater Noida factory. But from this month onwards the company plans to start manufacturing them at its Pune plant for capacity expansion as well as to meet growing demand from Indian customers in south and west. 

Besides this, the company also informed that it would focus more on the LCD monitors despite of CRT monitors. However the company would not exit manufacturing CRT monitors immediately as CRT monitors still have use in entry level computers and educational segments. 

The company recently introduced energy efficient monitors besides multi-link monitors (L206WU) and the designer series monitors (W84 series) to expand its portfolio. It claims the new W52TE series monitor reduces energy consumption by up to 50 per cent, compared with other monitors of the same size.

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