LG Arena KM900 To Debut At MWC 2009 In Barcelona

LG Arena KM900Finally, LG confirmed the hearsays about its new high-end media phone media phone KM900 on the company's official UK blog.

The puzzle both confirms the device’s name through the file name, and that the touchscreen candybar phone use LG’s innovative and dynamic 3D User Interface.

LG also admitted that the phone (KM900) will have its formal debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that will take place this month.

With this, more info regarding the phone is coming out slowly for mobile buffs to feast on.

However, there is no clarity about the all features of the phone, it seems that the LG Arena KM900 comes packed with a high-class 3 inch WVGA color touchscreen, 800×400 display, a 5MP camera with DVD like video recoding, Wi-Fi and “S-Class” 3D interface.

Moreover, the phone also permits users to enjoy their desired songs on the FM radio, while using the Mobile TV and A-GPS support simultaneously.

The new handset, which is just 11.5mm thick, has a 1000 mAH battery with 230 minutes of talk time and 300 minutes of stand by time.

Some are expecting that the Arena is basically a hybrid of Samsung Omnia and Apple iPhone 3G. But, all things get cleared after its launch.

There is no word on the pricing details, but it is expected that LG Arena KM900 will hit European markets by March 2009.

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