LEV Manufacturing acquires Harley-Davidson's Serial 1 e-bike brand

LEV Manufacturing acquires Harley-Davidson's Serial 1 e-bike brand

The realm of electric bicycles (e-bikes) has witnessed an unprecedented surge of interest from motorcycle juggernauts, and iconic American motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson took an electrifying leap into this domain with its subsidiary, Serial 1. However, the e-bike saga took an unforeseen turn as Harley-Davidson has offloaded its “Serial 1” subsidiary to a Florida-based company, called LEV Manufacturing.

The list of Serial 1’s offerings include impressive electric models like the robust Switch/MTB and Bash/MTN e-bikes, along with the technologically infused 2nd generation e-bikes powered by Google Cloud.

The Serial 1 subsidiary started its journey back in 2020, at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, from a modest space within Harley-Davidson's Milwaukee headquarters. However, the brand underwent several transformations and outsourced a part of its production to Taiwan. Now, the acquisition of this business by LEV Manufacturing hints at a potential shift back to domestic production within the boundaries of the US.

Expressing enthusiasm regarding the acquisition, LEV Manufacturing emphasized its potential benefits for the US market. Local manufacturing is poised to streamline the supply chain, possibly leading to reduced retail prices and expedited delivery times. Moreover, the establishment of US-based service and support teams holds the promise of nurturing employment opportunities and boosting the economy.

A spokesperson for LEV Manufacturing said in a statement that the acquisition highlighted the union of a distinguished American brand with quality-driven domestic manufacturing, and it could go a long way to fortify job creation in the US while enhancing accessibility to premium e-bikes through cost-effective strategies at comparatively lower prices. He described the deal as an ideal fusion of an esteemed premium American brand with American manufacturing driven by exceptional quality.

In the newly released statement, the representative said, “We are very excited to add more jobs to the USA and continue to create world-class products with the acquisition of Serial 1. The cost-cutting measures and the lowered MSRP will further enhance the accessibility of premium e-bikes for consumers.”

However, while this acquisition hints at promising developments, intricate details concerning the transaction and the acquired subsidiary’s future roadmap remain covered in mystery, awaiting revelation in the days ahead. The launch of upcoming electric models and the strategic trajectory of Serial 1 under the wing of LEV Manufacturing is yet to be unveiled, adding an air of secrecy to this transformative chapter in the e-bike landscape.

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