Lee pained over his emotional side being mixed up with cricket

Brett Lee advised to return to cricket as soon as possibleNew Delhi, Nov. 4 : Thirty-one-year-old Australian fast bowler Brett Lee has resurrected himself as his team’s spearhead during the course of the Delhi Test, but still feels that too much has been written about his personal problems.

Lee fought to ensure the recent break-up of his marriage did not affect his on-field fortunes.

The thing that hurt the 31-year-old fast bowler most was the inference his family situation had affected his performances.

"I try to keep to cricket; I don''t try to mix things. I take it to heart if someone puts the emotional things in, especially if stuff is written in the paper about my emotional side, so I try to stick to the cricket," Lee said yesterday.

"It has been tough. There''s been a lot of things in the last three or four months that have gone on, but I''m here to play cricket and ready to play. I wouldn''t have come on this tour if I wasn''t ready," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted him as saying further.

Lee said pounding the street of Delhi between the second and third Tests had helped make up for missing the one-day series against Bangladesh.

"Being a fast bowler, especially over here … it''s tough work, so definitely that work is paying off." (ANI)