Learn How to Cancel E-Way Bills

Learn How to Cancel E-Way Bills

Several businesses operate efficiently, primarily through the effective processes employed while transferring goods from one place to another. To facilitate the prompt and seamless transfer of goods, E-way bills are generated to accurately document the process of transfer. Therefore, if you are a business person, or any individual wishing to transport goods from one place to another, you should know, not just how to generate an E-way bill, but how to cancel an E-way bill. First, you must have some general information about an E-way bill.

What is an E-way Bill?

Once you realise the importance of an E-way bill, you will consider the vital role it plays in the transportation of goods. When goods are being transported, an E-way bill is a document that is required to be held by the individual who is in charge of goods conveyance. Furthermore, an E-way bill has information about the goods consignment, like the supplier’s name, details of the recipient, the number of the vehicle in which goods are being carried, distances to be travelled with goods, details about the destination, etc. Thus, the individual who is responsible for the shipment has to generate an E-way bill. Moreover, if the cargo is worth more than Rs. 50,000, an HSN code has to be applied to the E-way bill. How to generate an E-way bill is not hard to find out, and this can easily be done online. Additionally, how to cancel an E-way bill can be found out easily, and this can be done online as well.

How to Cancel an E-Way Bill

The E-way bill (electronic way bill) is technically a tool of compliance wherein an individual responsible for the transportation of cargo must, through a digital online platform, upload information about the cargo. This information can be uploaded from www.ewaybill.nic.in. The E-way bill relating to any particular consignment can be obtained from www.gst.gov.in. Through an E-way bill login, the individual who generates an E-way bill (before goods can commence being transported) can also cancel the E-way bill. Why should an individual do this? In case the goods in question have not been transported, or have not been carried/transported according to the information contained in the E-way bill, cancellation of the E-way bill is done. This can be undertaken electronically online, or via a centre for facilitation.

Steps for Cancellation of E-Way Bills

Once you have an E-way bill login ID, cancellation is possible within 24 hours, 72 hours, etc. here are the steps to cancel an E-way bill:

1. Visit the government website of www.ewaybill.nic.in.
2. On the page, you will have to click on the tab that says ‘E-way bill’.
3. This will expose a drop-down menu, and you must select the ‘Cancel’ option.
4. Once you have done this, you will have to fill in your E-way bill number and press ‘Go’.
5. You will see your E-way bill, and you have to give a reason for cancellation. You can submit this and your E-way bill will stand as cancelled.

Lines in Conclusion

Several businesses, small and large, are engaged in the transportation of goods, some even on a daily basis. The E-way bill enables cargo to be transported safely and smoothly, keeping in mind the value of shipments. It is important to know about details of instruments like the E-way bill, especially if it is going to play a role in a potential new business.