Leaked images reveal new Microsoft Lumia phone with huge camera bump

Microsoft LumiaWashington, Dec 1 : Images of a new Microsoft Lumia phone with a large camera bump have reportedly been leaked online

According to The Verge, leaked photos from a Chinese auction site show a device identified only as " Nokia RM-1052" running Windows Phone 8.1 alongside 2GB of RAM and what appears to be a 5-inch 1080p display.

The larger than life camera bump seems to be the new addition to the phone.

The phone's body appears to be made of aluminum, but there's a plastic strip at the bottom of the device, an addition that looks odd but may assist with radio signal strength, the report said.

The report suggested that though chances of the images being fake were high, there were valid signs that indicated the images could simply be a Windows Phone prototype. (ANI)