Land At Raigad May Be Declared 'Green Zone'

The government is expected to declare Raigad as 'green zone'. The Congress-Democratic Front government has chalked out a new plan to deal with the resentment among the farmers who’s land is acquired for SEZ project. It is recalled that the farmers are not in favor of Mukesh Ambani's multicrore SEZ project.

A senior congress minister said that they are waiting for the report of collector of Raigad, Nipun Vinayak. The government would stop all development activities in the region following the opposite verdict of the collector. He also assured that the land should not be used for commercial purposes. The collector is expected to submit its report within a week.

It is alleged by some quarters that the requirement for the SEZ is just 1000 acres while more land is being acquired. The farmers have to return the money with interest of 16 percent if they want their land back. 

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