Lamborghini unveils Lanzador EV Concept with impressive 1,341 horsepower

Lamborghini unveils Lanzador EV Concept with impressive 1,341 horsepower

Italian manufacturer Lamborghini recently revealed its Lanzador EV Concept that has been designed to compete with the likes of the all-electric Ferrari Purosangue and Rolls-Royce Spectre. Up to now, Lamborghini is known for producing powerful V12 supercars. However, the luxury car brand is now shifting its focus from internal combustion engines (ICEs) to electric powertrains to reduce its carbon footprint. The Lamborghini Lanzador concept isn’t just a design exercise; rather it is an early version of the brand’s first battery-powered vehicle, which is expected to arrive in 2028.

According to Lamborghini’s claims, the Lanzador will deliver the all-weather performance of the former supercars. It boasts bold styling and a futuristic cabin. Most notably, its electric motors are capable of churning out a staggering power of 1,341 horsepower (hp), which makes it fit in with other Lamborghini models.

The Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva system provides precise aerodynamic control of a movable splitter at the front, sideways blades at the rear, an extending diffuser, and shutters in the air curtain system. In its most efficient mode, the aforementioned aero elements get adjusted in such a way that ensures minimum wind resistance, while sportier drive settings boosts downforce for better control.

Promising a unique driving experience, the upcoming EV also features significantly higher number of sensors and actuators that have been positioned in vehicle’s aforementioned dynamic driving control system. The EV’s algorithmic computer takes in data to deliver an unrivalled driving experience.

Describing the system, Lamborghini says, “This allows the driving character to be more precisely differentiated to the individual driver than ever before: information delivered back to the driver by intelligent sensors positioned behind the new ‘pilot’s’ glass panels mounted at the front of the car, giving a taste of future radar technology.”

As per available information, the first battery-powered supercar of the brand has electric powertrain featuring its dual motors underneath its strong skin. Its high output gives it an all-wheel drive (AWD), which will draw power from an unspecified high-performance hefty battery pack, which promises a long range. As the Lanzador is a concept car, details remain scant. However, the brand revealed that the upcoming EV will deliver at least 1 megawatt of power.

Pricing for the all-electric Lanzador is clearly a good distance away from being finalized, but considering the cheapest Lamborghini model currently demands well over $200,000, one shouldn’t expect the upcoming first electric model to be cheap.

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