Lady Gaga ‘swings both ways’

Lady Gaga ‘swings both ways’London, Apr 2: Pop singer Lady Gaga, it seems, is confused about her sexuality.

The 23-year-old singer hinted her confusion in her latest hit the ‘Poker Face’.

“There’s something quite interesting about the song. If you listen to the lyrics in the chorus, I say: ‘He’s got me like nobody,’ and then I say: ‘She’s got me like nobody,’” the Daily Star quoted her as saying.

"It’s got a bit of an undertone of confusion about love and sex.

“It’s about a lot of different things. I gamble but I’ve also dated a lot of guys who are really into sex and booze and gambling, so I wanted to write a record my boyfriends would like too,” she added.

Lady Gaga is ruling the charts with Poker Face for the second consecutive week and she looks set to continue her fine run. (ANI)