Lady GaGa’s mantra to push boobs back into bra following ‘Nipplegate’!

London, Feb 5 : Lady GaGa has taken any chance of a Janet Jackson-style "boob flash blunder" in her stride - with the help of backing dancers.

The US star, who caused a stir on her recent trip to the UK by prancing around in skimpy pants and bustiers, revealed that her backing dancers are on hand to pop her boobs back in if they fall out of her outfits on stage, reports the Sun.

She told Orange. co. uk/music: "When you wear what I wear you''re going to have problems on stage but the dancers are great.

"If they see something fly out, they just stick it back in and we keep going!"

Jackson exposed her boob at the 2004 Superbowl during a performance with Justin Timberlake. (ANI)