Kolkatans take to aquaculture with ornamental fishes

Kolkata, Oct.7 : Kolkatans have long been known for savouring fishes as delicacies, irrespective of occasions. But many well-off individuals are developing a penchant for fish-keeping, following beliefs that it ensures prosperity and joy.

Today, there are a good number of homes in Kolkata where one can find attractive aquariums containing a variety of ornamental fish like Red Panda, Flower Horn, Red Fin, Gold Arwana. The price range many vary anywhere from rupees 400 to a 100,000.

Keeping fish as pets is considered to be a rewarding hobby. The intricacies involved in this hobby begin from designing aquarium to choosing the fish and tending them with utmost care.

As noted by a dealer of ornamental fish, Kolkatans do it with utmost joy without worrying about the money or cost involved.

"The business of ornamental fish has immense variety. A large number of fish are available at different prices. Fishes like Flower Horn, Red Panda, Red Gold and others come for rupees 70,000, 75,000 and even touching 100,000 at times,” said Bablu Rakshit an Ornamental fish dealer.

“Now-a-days, these fish are costlier then jewellery. However, people prefer to buy them both for hobby and to keep their house and life, pious and vibrant," said Bablu Rakshit a dealer of ornamental fish,” Rakshit added.
The rising craze for fish is based on the belief that ornamental fish are also a harbinger of good luck apart from acting as stress-busters.

According to the theories of Feng Shui and Vastushastra, raising ornamental fish can benefit the owner in attaining a good fortune and happiness.

Going by these beliefs, Kolkatans enjoy possessing aquaria of ornamental fish at homes, although it takes time and money to gain experience in raising these sensitive creatures.

"People say this is a lucky fish that brings prosperity, peace and health. It is costly to maintain, it eats imported food pallets that come for rupees 600 to 750," said Ranajay Joardar, owner of a Flower Horn fish.

Fish like Flower Horn eat living fish and prawn. Further, the room temperature of the aquarium needs to be perfect to ensure the survival of these fish and ensuring this is also an expensive affair.

However, overlooking the aspects of expenses, hundreds of Kolkatans have taken a fancy to this hobby solely with the belief that Flower Horns bring prosperity to household.

According to Feng Shui, there are three wise men in Chinese mythology who bring luck, and Flower Horn has the head of the third wise man as the shape of this fish's head (oval shape) resembles the head of the third mythological character.

Those who cannot afford expensive charms of Feng Shui like mature Arwana that cost rupees 52,000 or opt for fish like Tail Cat that comes for rupees 1000 (a pair), Lion Fish whose cost is rupees 1500 and upwards. The Butter Flies are priced at Rs. 800 onwards, while Majestic Angel costs rupees 4,500.

Among the other varieties are Blue Face Angel and Blue Ring Angel which carry a price tag of rupees 2,500 onwards and Yellow Tang costing rupees 3,500-plus. (ANI)