Koirala meets Congress Constituent Assembly members

Girija Prasad KoiralaKathmandu, Aug 11 : Nepal’s caretaker Prime Minister Girija Prasad
Koirala today met Constituent Assembly (CA) members of Nepali Congress
to discuss the issue of formation of a new government.

the meeting, Koirala, instructed the Constituent Assembly members to
strongly uphold the party''s position regarding the transfer of
government leadership to the Maoists.

According to Nepali
Congress leaders, Koirala indirectly hinted at clinging on to the
demand for defense ministry for his party to join the new government.

to party leaders who opined against the idea of joining the Maoist led
government, Koirala, however, indicated that Nepali Congress would
participate in the government to ease the constitution making process.

leaders also raised questions over the continued unruly activities of
the Maoist-youth wing Young Communist League and failure of the
government to control the food and oil prices.

Meanwhile, during
the meeting with leaders of the CPN (UML) and the Madhesi Janadhikar
Forum (MJF), Congress Vice-President Ram Chandra Poudel proposed a
government of the three parties backed by some minor allies, and even
offered the government''s leadership to UML.

The three parties
that had teamed up against the Maoists in the presidential election,
also known to have discussed ways to further consolidate the
three-party alliance, Nepalnews reported. (ANI)