Kidnap: Movie Review!

Kidnap is an enjoyable and thrilling movie. The presence of Imran is quite eminent even though he has played the character of a man who has Kidnap: Movie Review!lived a life of hardships and torture. It is difficult to accept him as the villian.

The Sanjay Gandhvi film is an exiting thriller where a young intelligent and computer savvy youth (Imran) takes his revenge from an extremely successful business man (Sanjay Dutt) by kidnapping his teenage daughter(Minisha Lamba). Dutt has to decipher a number of clues in time to get the next clue. 

The sequence where Dutt has to rough it out in the heavy traffic, steal a car, take a boat and then catch a train after trailing it on a bike is quite thrilling. Besides this he has to rescue a prisoner from jail and many others before he gets to his daughter.

Lamba is in a completely new look with bikinis and mini skirts but the effort is a waste coz it does not make her look 17. She lives with her Mother (Vidya Malavade) who is divorced and living separately for the past 8 years again not convincing. However the music is not very catchy and entertaining. 

Also the film is a little weak with the dialogues but the chase sequences and the sets are enthralling. Towards the end Lamba realizes that the house in which she has been kept by the kidnapper is her own house. 

Meanwhile, Dutt and wife also put together the clues to reach the same conclusion. The climax of the film is very interesting where Imran orders Dutt to do one last job of shooting someone before he gets his daughter. 

In a turn of events Dutt is firing a bullet at none other than Imran.Hence after the shoot a realization seeps into Dutt about the mistakes he had made in his life, mostly where he had pulled strings and made sure that Imran as a 14 year old goes to jail for a crime like kidnapping which he had not commited.The bright and intelligent orphan boy's life was completely ruined.

Overall only the work of Imran is worth watching and commendable. He carries the entire film on his shoulders and makes it worth while.