Katie Price beats Gordon Brown in book sales

London, Nov 21 : Katie Price has defeated British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in terms of the sales of their respective books.

Katie Price’s latest book ‘Pushed to the Limit’ has outsold Gordon Brown’s, ‘Wartime Courage: Stories of Extraordinary Courage by Ordinary People in World War Two’ by
4,446 copes to 193, in two weeks.

Despite being on sale for 10 months, Price’s book has still scored over the Prime Minister’s book, which chronicles the lives of Eric Liddell, the Chariots of Fire legend, and Violette Szabo, who worked undercover for the Special Operations Executive during the second world war,

‘Wartime Courage’, which currently ranks at 10,646 in the Amazon UK sales chart, was due to be published in April but did not hit the shelves until November.

However, a spokeswoman for Bloomsbury, the prime minister’s publisher, claimed that the reason for the delay was not his low popularity ratings in the spring.

"The reason it was delayed was because he hadn’t finished writing it - he didn’t have a ghostwriter,” the Telegraph quoted Katie Bond, Bloomsbury’s publicity director, as telling the Guardian.

Neill Denny, editor-in-chief of the publishing trade magazine the Bookseller, said: "It is not disastrously bad. Hardback books do not sell in huge quantities any more. When the Booker longlist came out last year, of the 13 books, half had sold less than 1,000 copies.

"It would be different if he had written his memoirs. That could be political dynamite. We’ve had half the story of the Blair years, but Brown’s point of view could be fascinating." (ANI)