Karnataka ban on mobile phones in schools, colleges evokes positive response

Bangalore, Sept. 17 (ANI): The Karnataka Government's decision to ban the use of mobile phones in schools and colleges for children under the age of 16, has evoked a positive response.

Christy Vijir, a student from St. Joseph Boys School, said that the using of mobile phones distracts and corrupts students mind, and the ban was a good decision.

K. Nagaraj, the Principal of the Poorna Prajna School, said: “Mobile phones should be banned in schools as it would help students to concentrate better.”

Sunaina Gupta, a student of the Sophia Girls School, she was not happy about the ban.
The State Government says mobile phones are a nuisance, and that the move to ban them is based on medical advice.

The cell phone industry, however, says there is no evidence of cell phones causing health-related problems.
According to a BBC report, India has the fastest growing mobile phone market in the world, with over 170 million subscribers.

Every month around seven million new subscribers join the list, and a large number of them, are children.
Last year, colas were banned in school and college canteens. (With Inputs from ANI)

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