Justin Bieber wants to reinvent himself and Grow Up

The April edition of Men’s Health, a magazine, would show Justin Bieber’s muscular physique. The Canadian heartthrob has turned 21 and the singer has talked about reinventing himself and growing up in an interview, reported Ace Showbiz.

“I do aspire to be a class act. This has really been a big year for me, as far as figuring stuff out. This is almost like a full 180 from how I was. Yesterday - a year from yesterday - I was in jail”, said Bieber. Bieber admitted that his bad behavior in the past year was attributable to his wish to spend his teenage years in the spotlight.

He said that he had the feeling of growing up quick, which led him grow up for the public, but it didn’t have the real meaning. He directed all his focus on making relationships and conversation, but missed many things required for growing up.

During the photo shoot of Bieber, Lensman Peter Hapak snapped 10 pictures of his chiseled chest for the April cover of Men's Health. The 21-year-old pop star proudly announced in a behind-the-scenes video that his photograph for the April cover of Men's Health is not Photshopped. He is happy to have got in shape over the past two years and it’s nice to get recognition for the hard work he has put in to achieve the same, he said.

In a week, Justin weight-lifts five times with his trainer Patrick Nilsson of Orange Gym Rats in Los Angeles.

Bieber said he is getting bigger and his shoulders don’t fit in some things. Bieber has been nominated two times for Grammy Awards and he spent his 21st birthday with rumored flame Hailey Baldwin. According to Bieber, women look sexiest wearing jean shorts and a tank top.