Julia Roberts’ crazy co-star creates havoc while filming

Julia Roberts’ crazy co-star creates havoc while filmingWashington, Mar 19 : Hollywood actress Julia Roberts was left dazed when one of her co-stars in her forthcoming flick went ballistic and created havoc on the sets.

Julia doesn't want to name the actor who went "bananas" because, according to her, he could not stand people talking while the scenes were being shot.

"We''re shooting and this person got annoyed at people talking while we''re shooting. He yells, ''Shut the f**k up. What the f**k is wrong with you people? Then an acorn falls from a tree, and he says, ''What the f**k was that? Did you not hear me?'' Then he really goes nutso and starts attacking the director, who was the nicest man on the planet," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

Julia revealed that she would never be able to forget the incident, as her co-actor actually tried running down the director of the flick.

"Then he gets in his car and he tells his driver, ''Run him down. Run him f**king down," she said. (ANI)