Juiced Bikes launches all-new moped-style Scorpion X2 e-bike

Juiced Bikes launches all-new moped-style Scorpion X2 e-bike

California-based Juiced Bikes recently pulled the covers off the Scorpion X2 – a moped-style all-new electric bicycle (e-bike) that's set to redefine the way we experience urban mobility. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Scorpion X2 boasts a strong frame, reminiscent of a motorcycle. It features a moto-style saddle and a rear luggage rack. The e-bike's battery unit has been positioned within the down-tube of the frame, which adopts a convenient step-through configuration to ensure easy accessibility for riders of all sorts.

When it comes to interior specs and features, the new e-bike packs a powerful punch with its 1,000-watt electric motor (e-motor), which is powerful enough to conquer all types of terrain, including hills. For power, the e-motor relies on a 52-volt, 15-Ah battery pack, which promises an impressive range of up to 55 miles between two full charges. Thus, the new e-bike is a formidable choice for both thrill-seekers and daily commuters.

Describing the Scorpion X2, the American manufacturer’s website states, “Explore more than ever before with the Scorpion’s all-terrain knobby tires, which provide confidence-inspiring grip and a cushy ride over any terrain. Experience a whole new level of exhilarating adventures with the head-turning moped-style Scorpion X2!”

The company claims that it has thoughtfully considered the needs of all types of riders while designing and developing the new product. To cater to riders’ needs, the Scorpion X2 comes equipped with a sturdy rear rack for providing ample space for cargo, full-coverage fenders to keep riders clean during their daily journeys, all-terrain knobby tires to allow riders to confidently navigate varied surfaces, and a triple-clamp suspension fork for additional a layer of comfort and smooth riding even on uneven terrain.

When it comes to charging, the new electric two-wheeler features 2 Amp Charger that promises rapidly recharging of the battery. The system boasts 52 Volt/2 Amps: Optimized for maximum efficiency, 3 Pin XLR Connector for secure & reliable connection, On-bike & Off-bike Charging, and UL certification that ensures safety that you can trust.

According to the manufacturer, the Scorpion isn’t just an e-bike. It is an invitation to embrace the open road with matchless power, style as well as convenience.

Excitement is on the rise for the new e-bike, and those who are eager to get their hands on it can place pre-orders at an attractive price of US$1,499. Deliveries to customers are expected to commence at the end of September.

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