Jordan says her marriage to Peter Andre is strong despite rows

London, Nov 24 : Despite the continuous rows they have been having, former English glamour model Katie Price a. k. a. Jordan insists that her marriage to Peter Andre is still going strong.

The pair had been rumoured to be having marital problems, especially after they took a romantic break in the Maldives, but Jordan still insists that their relationship is solid.

“I laugh when people say we don''t get on. Of course we row. But we are best friends as well as partners. I don''t think we''d know what to do without each other,” the Sun quoted Jordan as saying.

“People think my life is all about work and partying. But my favourite times are when we''re all at home sitting in front of the telly or eating dinner together.

“We row, we fight, we laugh, we call each other names. But we''re exactly alike,” she added. (ANI)