Jordan lands £2m deal for two new series

London, Dec 1 : Former English glamour model Katie Price a. k. a. Jordan has landed herself and hubby Peter Andre a deal of 2 million pounds for two new television series.

Jordan and Andre will each get 1 million pounds from ITV2 after they launch themselves in America, plus another 350,00 pounds each in “talent” fees.

The two will star in the 12-part Katie & Peter: Stateside in April, and then film another fly-on-the-wall series, set to hit our screens at the end of next year.

“Katie and Pete are not to everyone’s taste but they make fantastic car crash TV,” News of the World quoted a source as saying on November 30.

“The new show will follow them living and working in the US. Then they’ll be back with another eight-part reality show later in the year.

“Katie’s nothing if not canny when it comes to cash and has secured a superb pay deal. It’ll be a happy Christmas in that household,” the source stated.

TV execs think that Jordan, who’s estimated to be worth 30 million pounds, will appeal to US viewers.

“This new show has huge potential in the States. If Jordan cracks it over there then the sky’s the limit. Americans love an entrepreneur,” the source added. (ANI)