Jessica Simpson’s beau taught her how to ‘calm down’

Washington, November 19 : Jessica Simpson says it’s her beau Tony Romo who taught her how to ‘calm down’.

The singer, who has been dating the Dallas quarterback for a year, said she was pleased with her man who has helped her all the way to deal with things.

“He is a good guy. And he''s really just helped me along in life and taught me a lot about being comfortable being myself,” People magazine quoted her as telling Ellen DeGeneres.

“He''s taught me to calm down a lot. I''m not organized and he''s not organized either – but (he) does make me want to be organized for us,” she added.

The actress further insisted that the couple had a lot in common adding: “We''re really a lot alike, I''m just more into fashion than he is!" (ANI)