Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin defeats Elon Musk’s SpaceX in Landing of Reusable Rocket

It was SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s plan to land a rocket successfully on earth, but Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin achieved the historic milestone and trumped rival SpaceX. The company’s announcement about landing a rocket successfully on the surface of earth blindsided everyone. The company’s achievement has given a clear message that it is going to be a big player in commercial space race.

Last week, the Jeff Bezos-backed spaceflight company announced it launched a rocket, New Shepard, past the edge of space. According to the company, it was a suborbital test flight. During the flight, the rocket’s crew capsule touched the altitude of 100.5 kilometers before landing back on earth. The greatest thing about the launch was that everything worked as planned by the company.

The billionaire founder Jeff Bezos declared the success by announcing that the company has landed New Shepard successfully. According to the founder, the safe landing of the rocket is a new breakthrough for the company’s new space plan. He said, “Now safely tucked away at our launch site in West Texas is the rarest of beasts—a used rocket. Full reuse is a game changer, and we can’t wait to fuel up and fly again”.

Bezos said after quick-look inspections, it was found that mission was success. The vehicle, New Shepard, is all set to fly again, he added. Elon Musk, SpaceX founder and CEO, congratulated Blue Origin on Twitter. For the past year, Musk’s SpaceX has been trying to land its Falcon 9 rocket after launching it into space, but didn’t taste success.