Jada Pinkett Smith breaks 18-year TV boycott vow

Jada Pinkett Smith breaks 18-year TV boycott vowLondon, June 17 : Will Smith''s wife Jada Pinkett has broken an 18-year vow never to return to TV.

Jada, who found fame in 1980/90s show A Different World, said she decided to come back because she wanted to become "complacent" as an actress.

She walked away from TV because she hated the long hours and rigorous shoots.

Now, the stunner is returning to the small screen in hospital drama Hawthorne, reports The Daily Express.

Explaining her decision, she says: "I vowed I would never go back to television because it was so hard. Just the pace, it was very intense. The long hours, 19 hours a day.

"But at this point in my life, I felt that I needed it. I needed a grind; I was getting complacent. There were a couple of skills that I needed to tighten - my producer skills, my storytelling skills, so I needed to get back in front of the camera so I could remember what actors need, because shortly I''ll be directing.

"So this is a transitional period for me." (ANI)